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The aesthetically pleasing tooth is restored to its original function. Composite fillings are newer than amalgam fillings and are constantly improving. The composite resin is about the consistency of modelling clay. Composite restorations have a natural tooth-like appearance and can be used on all teeth. Composite fillings Townsville bond directly to the tooth structure, reducing the risk of leakage.  Through a series of chemical reactions, the composite resin hardens into a very strong material that looks very much like a natural tooth.

What is a dental filling?

A dental filling also referred to as simply a filling, is a common treatment used to fill in small holes or cavities caused by decay, damage or dental trauma. This treatment helps to restore the tooth back to its original shape and prevent further damage from occurring. 

Over the years, dentists have used many different materials for dental fillings such as composite, porcelain, ceramic, gold and amalgam. Amalgam is a silver filling material that used to be really popular. Today, it is being used a lot less by dentists in Townsville and Australia-wide because it contains mercury and is not recommended for people with certain conditions. The most common filling material used by dentists in Townsville including at Deeragun Dental, is composite resin, a tooth-coloured material that is versatile and long-lasting.

Composite Fillings in Deeragun Dental | Dentist in Townsville

How are composite fillings done?

A lot of the time, composite fillings in Townsville can be completed all in one visit, sometimes during the same appointment as your check-up. First, the dentist will conduct a full dental examination, looking out for signs of decay and assess areas where you may feel pain or sensitivity which may require a dental filling

Once they’ve identified cavities that may require fillings, the Townsville dentist will prepare the area by numbing it so that it is comfortable and pain-free for the patient. Once the area is completely numb, the dentist will use a drill to remove any remaining decay. When the decay has been removed and cleaned, the dentist will seal the area with a compost resin filling which is applied in layers and cured in place with a special UV light. This is fairly quick as composite dries and hardens quickly. 

Finally, the filling is shaped and polished so that it matches your natural tooth shape. The dentist will provide you with after-care instructions at the end of the appointment.

Composite dental bonding is a similar treatment to a dental filling. Dental bonding involves using the same material, composite resin to repair damage to the teeth or cosmetically improve the appearance of the tooth.


Benefits: Why get composite fillings?

Some of the benefits of composite restorations such as dental fillings include the following:  

  • Natural appearance, match the colour of your teeth 
  • Non-toxic and safe 
  • Quick procedure as composite resin dries very quickly
  • Less drilling and less of the tooth removed (compared to alternatives)
  • Versatile and can be used to repair different types of damage
  • Reduces tooth sensitivity
  • Can be repaired by a dentist easily
  • Resistant to temperature changes?

Composite fillings in Townsville are very commonly used by dentists and are preferable to materials used in the past such as amalgam fillings. In fact, composite is also commonly used to replace old amalgam fillings. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of using composite resin for dental fillings and teeth restorations.

Do I need fillings?

Fillings are extremely common for people of all ages as most people will experience some level of tooth decay throughout their lives. 

Some signs that you have a dental cavity that may require a filling are:

  • A toothache, or sharp pain affecting a particular tooth (or teeth)
  • Tooth pain or sensitivity 
  • Tooth sensitivity to cool or hot temperatures
  • Visible holes or pits in a tooth
  • Dark stains on the surface of a tooth
  • Pain or sensitivity when biting down

If you are noticing any of the above symptoms or suspect that you have a cavity it is important that you see a dentist as soon as possible. Cavities cannot heal on their own and may worsen over time. If they are caused by untreated tooth decay, this can lead to severe problems that require much more invasive treatments than fillings.

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If you are experiencing tooth pain, sensitivity or notice visible holes in your teeth then you may have a cavity that requires a dental filling

Book an appointment at our Townsville dental clinic to see a dentist for a professional evaluation. We will help determine the best course of action for you, whether that is dental fillings, bonding or any other type of dental restoration. 

To ensure all patients get the treatment they need, our Townsville practice offers flexible payment options including the Child Dental Benefits Schedule with Medicare. We also accept all private health insurance funds which are claimable at the time of the appointment via HICAPS.