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Pre-Whitening Visit

In order to proceed with the teeth whitening system, it is mandatory that the patient has an examination and a scale and clean done prior to the teeth whitening appointment, as effective and pain free whitening cannot be achieved when there are plaque and calculus deposits on the teeth surface and also when there are cavities present in the teeth

Premium Teeth Whitening Treatment in Townsville

Teeth whitening in Townsville: A women getting teeth whitening treatment in Deeragun Dental

Everyone wants a brighter smile. When teeth look white and clean it can dramatically improve your smile, self-image and facial appearance.

Your teeth can become discoloured for a number of reasons, including everyday activities such as your diet or social habits. Food and beverages such as coffee, soft drinks, red wine, tea and antibiotics can cause teeth to discolour. Smoking, antibiotic and ageing can also discolour your teeth.

With Teeth Whitening in Townsville, you can reverse tooth discolouration and rejuvenate your smile. Whiterning your teeth will make you look and feel years younger!

Teeth whitening in Townsville: A women getting teeth whitening treatment in Deeragun Dental

Zoom Teeth Whitening: How does it work?

Deeragun Dental provides in-chair teeth whitening using an advanced Philips Zoom! whitening system. This high-tech whitening procedure achieves best results in minimal time. In a quick, 75-minute appointment, results can achieve up to eight shades whiter! 

This cosmetic treatment can be customised to your dental needs and is safe for all patients with little to no sensitivity. Our trusted Townsville teeth whitening dentists will check your current shade, prepare your mouth, apply a layer of whitening gel, and apply a blue LED lamp to your teeth. This process is repeated three times before post-treatment gel is applied to protect the enamel. 

We ensure to provide the most comfortable teeth whitening treatments possible in a relaxed environment. 

happy couple with healthy teeth

PolaNight Teeth Whitening in Townsville

happy couple with healthy teeth

At Deeragun Dental, we are pleased to offer the PolaNight Whitening system, which is a one-hour procedure. PolaNight is a safe, fast and effective whitening treatment system to remove stains and discolouration. It can whiten your teeth by up to 8 to 10 shades. During your treatment, the PolaNight Teeth Whitening Gel is carefully applied to your teeth. This process is then repeated twice more before you go home with a sparkling white smile. During this time, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your visit.

On attaining your desired lighter shade, we provide you with an additional take home whitening kit as well, which when used in conjunction with the Zoom treatment, helps to retain the enhanced tooth whitening obtained.

Is Teeth Whitening for me?

Professional Teeth Whitening is an excellent whitening treatment option if you want to improve the appearance of your teeth. If you are self-conscious or uncomfortable about having stained teeth or discolouration, these treatments can greatly enhance your smile and your confidence!

The great thing about this cosmetic treatment is that most adult patients in good health are suitable candidates. At Deeragun Dental, we actually offer two types of teeth whitening; an in-chair teeth whitening treatment and a take-home teeth whitening kits to suit the differing needs of our patients. So chances are if you are interested in achieving a bright white teeth, we will likely be able to help. 

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