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Dr. Praveen Kurapati has special interest in removing difficult teeth including Wisdom Teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Townsville is often done in the chair at Deeragun Dental. Before removing a wisdom tooth, our dentist will evaluate the wisdom teeth both clinically and with X-rays and discuss the options.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last adult molars (back teeth) that come through usually in your late teens or 20s. Most people will have four wisdom teeth, two upper and two lower – one in each corner. It is possible, however, for some people to have fewer wisdom teeth and in rare cases, none at all. 

Why is wisdom teeth removal necessary?

A lot of the time, wisdom teeth get stuck (impacted) against other teeth or gums if there is not enough space for them to grow normally. This can often leave a flap of gum over the tooth which can lead to pain, infections and a higher risk of problems such as tooth decay or gum disease as it is more difficult to clean. 

In some cases, wisdom teeth may grow too long or at awkward angles where they may damage the cheek, gum or jawbone.   

Wisdom tooth extractions are recommended by dentists when impacted wisdom teeth cause pain, discomfort and any of the above dental problems.  

General Anesthetic…

General Anesthetic may need to be used, especially if several or all of your wisdom teeth were to be removed at the same time or if you are a nervous or anxious about the procedure. General Anesthetic procedures are usually done at the Mater Hospital, Hyde Park. This procedure is a day surgery and you will kept in the hospital for a few hours after the procedure is complete for observation. It is recommended that you don’t eat or drink at least 6 hours prior to the surgery or as suggested by the Anaesthetist. If you have any further questions or you would like a consultation with Dr Praveen regarding Wisdom Teeth Townsville please don’t hesitate to call us at Deeragun Dental, our Townsville dentists are happy to help.

Post-Operative Instructions After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Post-operative care following a wisdom teeth removal in Townsville is essential for healing and preventing complications. You will be instructed to avoid certain foods and also keep the surgical site clean at all times. If you are prescribed an antibiotic, it is important that you complete the course of treatment to prevent infection. Finally, you may be advised to avoid smoking or drinking through a straw, as doing so may delay the healing process and cause a condition known as ‘dry socket.’

Contact us for Wisdom Teeth Removal in Townsville

If your wisdom teeth are coming through and causing you pain, or you notice feelings of discomfort in the back of your mouth, book an appointment to see our dentists in Townsville. We will be able to evaluate your situation and let you know if wisdom teeth removal is necessary. 


The cost of wisdom teeth removal in Townsville can vary depending on the complexity of the procedure. This can make it difficult to provide an accurate estimate without understanding your specific situation. For a more accurate price point we recommend booking a consultation with our dentists
No, some people don’t have wisdom teeth or their wisdom teeth can erupt in an upright and functional position. If you come in for a dental checkup our dentists will evaluate your wisdom teeth to determine whether you need wisdom teeth removal in Townsville.

For a problematic wisdom tooth, wisdom tooth extraction Townsville is almost always recommended.

Most people fully recover from wisdom teeth surgery in three to four days. If your teeth were impacted or came in at an awkward angle, it could take a full week to recover.

Our dentists in Townsville are experienced with wisdom tooth removal and complications shouldn’t arise unless you don’t follow our after care instructions, in which case swelling, bleeding or numbness in the jaw can occur.
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