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Dentures are removable tooth prosthetics designed to look and function like natural teeth. For thousands of years, some form of denture has been used to fill in the gaps left by missing teeth, although today’s dentures are much more advanced and easier to care for. Most dentures are composed of replacement teeth attached to plastic / metal bases. They are used to compensate for one or more missing teeth, and are available as partials and complete sets of teeth. Many patients in Townsville elect dentures for tooth replacement if they are not candidates for dental implants or are otherwise looking for a tooth replacement option that is more affordable and budget-friendly.

Types Of Dentures We Offer: Full, Partial, Removable

You don’t need to have an entire row of teeth missing to get dentures. There are different types of dentures available to suit patients who are missing a number of teeth. At Deeragun Dental we offer all of the following: 

  • Full Dentures: Replace a full arch (upper or lower row) and restore your smile completely. 
  • Partial Dentures: Typically replace three or more missing teeth in a row and fit between your remaining natural teeth. 

All types of dentures are designed to match your natural teeth so your smile appears full and facial muscles are supported.


Caring for Your Dentures

Your dentures Townsville are custom designed to fit your smile, but did you know that improperly caring for them can cause them to become distorted? Most removable dentures must maintain moisture to retain their shape. Be sure to wash them after eating, gently clean them daily, and allow them to soak overnight in a denture soaking solution. This will keep your dentures clean and free of stains, which ultimately helps your smile look its best.

How do I know if I am a candidate for removable dentures?

If you are missing one or more teeth and thinking of getting dentures in Townsville, you will first need a professional consultation with our dentists in Townsville. During this time, you can explore your tooth prosthetic options, ask questions, and make a decision as to whether dentures are right for you.

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What should I expect after being fitted for dentures?

If you need one or more teeth removed, the process could take multiple steps while you wait for your gums to heal from the tooth extractions. An impression will then be taken of your gums and the supporting teeth and bone beneath the gum, which will be used to fabricate a complete or partial denture in a dental lab.

Will I need to follow any special after-care instructions?

Once your dentures are ready, you can begin wearing them on a daily basis. Expect the first few weeks to be an adjustment period, during which time you will adapt to the feel of your new dentures, as well as learn how to manipulate your tongue and cheek muscles to keep them in place. You may also experience slight irritation or soreness from the initial denture wear, although this should subside after a few days or weeks.

Denture Repair in Townsville

Broken or damaged dentures are usually considered a dental emergency that urgently requires repair in order to prevent health problems caused by the damage. This can include anything from: 

  • Cracked or broken dentures
  • Tight-fitting dentures that are uncomfortable 
  • Loose-fitting dentures that slip or fall 
  • Dentures that have scratched or hurt your gums
  • Dentures causing mouth sores or irritation

Generally, if you experience any pain or discomfort caused by your dentures, you should see a Townsville dentist ASAP. 


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If you notice any issues or concerning changes with your dentures, don’t delay in contacting our denture clinic in Townsville for urgent denture repairs. Our dentists in Townsville will be with you as soon as we possibly can. 

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