Is a Crown Falling Out a Dental Emergency?

It is always concerning when a dental restoration such as a crown or dental bridge break, cracks or falls out of place altogether! If this has just happened to you or someone in your care, try your best not to panic. These issues can be resolved without too much extra hassle as long as you promptly see a dentist for emergency dental care. There are various reasons why a dental crown falling out is generally considered a dental emergency, here’s what you need to know.

Is a Crown Falling Out a Dental Emergency?

What to do if your crown falls off

Follow the below steps in order if you or your dependant’s crown has fallen out. If you are in extreme pain, discomfort or concerned about any situation regarding your dental health, restorations such as crowns or bridges, call an emergency dentist in Townsville for immediate advice.

1. Save the crown!

A dentist can usually reattach the crown if the damage is not too extensive. Of course, in order to do this, you need to retrieve the crown that’s fallen out. If you can, wash your hands first as you want to limit the chance of getting dirt or bacteria in your mouth. 

Unless advised to do so by a dental professional, DO NOT attempt to put the crown back in place in your mouth. 

2. Contact a local emergency dentist

Do not delay in contacting a local emergency dentist in Townsville who offers crown and bridge treatment. Let them know your situation and reception should be able to advise what you should do next. They will likely book you in for a same-day appointment to replace the crown or apply a temporary emergency crown and order a new one. 

3. Prepare for your appointment 

If the dentist or receptionist has provided you with any instructions prior to your appointment, follow them. If you eat, drink or brush your teeth before you see the dentist, be gentle in the affected area. Avoid consuming anything hard, sticky, spicy or in extreme temperatures. 

If the affected area is injured and you are bleeding or experiencing pain or discomfort, you may rinse your mouth with lukewarm salted water to clean the area and take an over-the-counter painkiller. You can discuss the management of these symptoms over the phone when booking your emergency appointment. 

4. Visit the dentist 

Ideally, the emergency dentist in Townsville will be located nearby so that you can save time off your commute. If you are unable to travel there by yourself, make sure to ask someone close to you to drive you there or accompany you. 

My crown fell out but it doesn’t hurt: What do I do?

It may seem less serious to some people when a crown falling out is not the result of an accident or injury and there is no pain or physical discomfort. However, the situation is still considered a dental emergency. If your crown has become dislodged and fallen out make sure to follow the above steps and see an emergency dentist regardless of whether you feel pain.

Emergency Dentist in Townsville For Broken or Dislodged Crown

Emergency dentist in Townsville

If your dental crown, bridge or any other dental restoration has fallen out or become damaged in any way, our emergency dentists in Townsville at Deeragun Dental are here for you. Located in the heart of Deeragun, our warm and welcoming practice environment helps ease patient nerves and will make you feel comfortable and at home. Contact us ASAP to book an appointment for emergency crown treatment.