Foods to eat after dental implant surgery

Dental implant surgery in general will need time to heal and settle. This is because when a dental implant is fitted into your jawbone, it needs time to place itself properly. Swelling near the area is common after the implant procedure and will need a few days to reduce. You may also notice some minor bleeding; this is also normal. Your dentist at Deeragun dental will give you personalised information about your surgery and recovery during your dental appointment.

For optimal healing and restoration of your beautiful new smile, it’s important to listen to the advice given by your dentist in Townsville. One of the key recommendations about making sure your dental implant has time to heal, is about the foods you eat after dental implants, particularly for the first few weeks after the dental implant has been fitted, it’s important to have a soft dental diet.

What to eat after dental implant surgery

There are certain foods that can harm dental implant recovery. However, there are some healthier options for soft food recipes after oral surgery.

Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are a perfect food choice after dental implant surgery, as they are naturally soft, high in vitamins and nutrients, and in turn, have a minimal effect on your implant. Eat fruits such as berries, peaches, and oranges. It is also recommended to boil vegetables to create a soft texture, as well as to make smoothies and soups.


Optimal health comes from eating the right protein. Eggs are rich in protein and calcium, soft to eat, and can be cooked in many methods, depending on your preference.

Potatoes or potato dishes

Potatoes contain high sources of fibre and you can add common additions such as cheese and gravy to enhance the flavour. To keep the implant in optimum health, mask potato is the most recommended way to cook potatoes.

Broth-based soups

In general, soup is a healthy dietary choice. It is recommended that soup is eaten warm, and not hot. The good thing about soup is that it doesn’t require chewing, it may also be a good source of protein.

Wheat and oat cereals

Known as cooked cereal, wheat and oat cereals should be included in a post-surgery diet. Flavour additions such as honey can be added to change the flavour.

Why no dairy after dental implants?

Dairy can cause an inflammatory response in the oral tissue and is not recommended after you’ve had dental implant surgery. Dairy has also been known to trigger nausea and vomiting, which while undesirable in itself, can also compromise your newly placed dental implant and introduce acidity into your mouth as you’re trying to heal.

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