5 Ways to Encourage Good Oral Hygiene Habits in Children

Oral hygiene tips for Children
If you are a new parent and find yourself wondering, “How can I improve my child’s oral hygiene?” you are certainly not alone! There are all kinds of ways you can encourage your little ones to practice good oral hygiene habits, here are five popular methods you can start implementing today:

1. Regular Check-Ups With A Dentist in Townsville

Normalise getting dental health check ups in your household by marking appointments in a calendar everyone can see and using positive language to refer to them. Doing so might encourage your child to see them as a positive, routine part of life. This can help your children feel comfortable about visiting the dentist, GP or other health professionals. It may reduce the chances of your child experiencing dental phobia or anxiety, common in patients of all ages but especially younger people. It helps to have an ongoing relationship with a local dentist so your child becomes familiar with them.

Seeing a dentist in Townsville that’s close to home makes it easier to fit appointments into your family’s schedule. As well as providing children’s dental care, they can also help new parents and young children with advice on how to keep teeth healthy. So choose your dentist wisely!

2. Lead By Example At Home

Talking about oral health and visiting the dentist in a positive manner probably won’t influence your children if they see you neglect your teeth-brushing or fail to keep up with your own dental appointments. Modelling is one of the simplest ways to teach your children new behaviours.

So, being a role model and practice your oral hygiene routine together with your kids. This could mean brushing and flossing your teeth at the same time, going shopping for new toothbrushes together every few months and explaining how your dietary choices affect your teeth to your child.

3. Child-Friendly Products and Resources

It’s pretty straightforward, child-appropriate oral hygiene products and services will make forming oral hygiene habits easier and possibly even fun for your little ones to learn. Some ideas of what this could include:

  • Small children’s toothbrushes
  • Soft-bristle toothbrushes
  • Children’s dental floss
  • Visiting your local dentist
  • Kids’ books about children’s dental hygiene
  • A toothbrush holder your child can reach on their own

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns about products marketed as child-friendly, consult with your children’s dentist in Townsville.

A kid brushing her teeth: Children dentistry townsville

4. Let Them Choose Their Toothbrush

Something as simple as allowing your child to choose their own toothbrushes (provided it is appropriate for them) can be beneficial in a few ways. It can help them feel a sense of ownership over their new belonging which may encourage them to use it more. They may even see it as an exciting new toy to use which is great because it may help them to see daily brushing and flossing as a fun activity.

5. Make Dental Care Fun!

Promoting healthy dental hygiene habits doesn’t have to be super serious all the time. With a bit of thought and creativity, you can actually make the process fun for your kids! Some ways to do this could include:

  • Using star or sticker charts to track brushing and flossing
  • Letting your child “brush the teeth” of their favourite toy
  • Playing music during teeth brushing
  • Get a toothbrush that plays music
  • Planning a fun activity after visiting the dentist

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More Oral Hygiene Tips And Dental Care: Children’s Dentistry in Townsville

For more tips about caring for your children’s teeth, visit our friendly dentists in Townsville at Deeragun Dental. We can also assist with information regarding the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) and help you see if your children are eligible, please bring in your Medicare card to the appointment. To book a children’s dental check-up, book an appointment online today or you call our friendly front office at Deeragun Dental on 07 4751 5999.